It doesn’t have to be perfect

When I was a child I used to create things. A lot of things. I wrote a book for my best friend to read. I took inspiration from gaming magazines to create board games using the titles of famous computer games. I drew tens of mobile phone designs. I took cartons big enough to fit in and turned them into imaginable cars.

None of my undertakings were ready enough to be shared, but still I shared them with my friends gaining their authentic admiration. Back then it was enough.

These days things have changed. I hardly share my works with even my best friends. They are works in progress. Not ready. Not good enough. Not perfect. It is time for me to change this and maybe help a few insecure souls with my reason.

If you are creating something that you like and just keep it for yourself you are not a creator – you are an egoist. You have the whole internet available to promote your art. Do you really think that there is no one else on earth that will like your work, however unfinished it may be?

This probably won’t be my best article – I will post it anyway.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

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